Welcome to Enigmaw Studios


Remember the movie Total Recall? We are the Total Recall of photography studios, a highly unique and creative photography company, blending the magic of photography and digital artwork together. We go beyond the mere backdrop and shoot glamor style photo session; instead, we’ve created a style of photography that gives you a personalized movie studio experience, blending state of the art special effect magic with cutting edge, highly stylized photography. Everything from Elves to secret Double 0 Agents, to you being the star in a fashion magazine, it's all possible. To get you better acquainted with what we do, let’s take a look at our process for shooting and photo style options.



Process: There are 3 stages of shooting


  • Pre-Production (the planning stage) We sit down together, choose a style and the imagery of the future shoot

  • Production (the shooting stage) You pose - I shoot (not all people are in the same shot for lighting purposes)

  • Post-Production (the editing stage) You don’t do anything at all unless we need a reshoot for an image



Keep in mind that all of these options apply to whatever your venue is; however, some venues, such as weddings, have events that require shooting and obviously are outside of the studio. So, depending on your package, we WILL likely require multiple shoots. And, as always, please bear with us with your lovely patience. The more relaxed we are when shooting, the better the pictures come out.


  • The Movie Deal: Imagine yourself as James Bond saving your bride, the Bond Girl. Or, maybe you and your friends are more of the Lord of the Rings sort, and you wish to duel it out with the armies of Orcs and Elves. This selection gives you the choice of genre in addition to your selected package.

  • Action/Science Fiction/Romance/Mystery/Horror. If there is a particular style or movie you’d like to imitate, please tell us and we can mimic what we see.


  • The Dream Sequence: From cities made of water to fairy gardens, the dream sequence allows you to capture that fantasy you’ve always had at night, but lost in the morning. Let’s pick your style and create a project together.


  • The Comic Collection: Not just for children—though they’ll absolutely love it—this one tells a story of how you received and became your personalized superhero (or villain). With weddings or commemoration of your choice, we can tell the story until the actual event.


  • Abstraction: A far less typical shoot and edit that takes you into a nonsensical, yet fascinating world. Think Picasso with photography.


  • Star-Life: Is your son a football star in high school? See our photos of people in action, photos comparable to the all-stars in the pros. Are you a model in the making? Let us turn your headshots into glamor front page magazine material. This style is all about... well, style. Think High Fashion meets you, in any field. 


  • Natural Beauty: Not into all of the extravagance of fantasy? Then choose regular style photography. Though, keep in mind, regular for us is still highly stylized.